We want you to look and feel your best on stage, whether this is your first show or a “warm-up show!”  The following information is about services and/or products for all your contest preparation/needs regarding the 2017 NPC Jax Physique for competing athletes.  Also, on this page, you will be able to find more information on the Divisions/Classes.


For all posing trunks/suits, board shorts, and bikinis, CJ is available for custom posing wear and/or custom fitness outfits and bikinis. Please check out her website to view her services as well as her awesome work!

For more information ordering a suit or to place a suit order please call the office.

750 E. Sample Rd., Bldg #4, Suite #1

Office: 954–786-9977
Fax: 954–426-6402



The Hot Spot of Sarasota is the official 2017 NPC Jax Physique athlete tan provider. On site/backstage tanning will be available through The Hot Spot of Sarasota.
For pricing and information please visit or email:




For all your makeup needs, please contact MAC Pro Makeup Artist Dina Adam.

Phone: 904-564-4224
IG: @amunnra

– Full Face $85 (includes lashes)
– Touch up $10 (per lip item)
– Touch up $20 (per powder item)


Ladies, for all your accessories such as shoes, jewelry, black robes, etc., please visit Fitness Pro Direct is a great source for your competition needs, everything from shoes, to jewelry, to Bikini Bite to suit cases!


It’s always nice to also have great pictures to share and to commemorate the experience.
The Official Photographer this year is John Hawley.

Please contact him at or on Facebook


Men’s Open Bodybuilding*
____ Bantam– (Up to & Inc. 143.25)
____ Lightweight– (Over 143.25 & Inc. 154.25)
____ Middleweight– (Over 154.25 & Inc. 176.25)
____ Light-Heavyweight– (Over 176.25 & Inc. 198.25)
____ Heavyweight– (Over 198.25 & Inc. 225.25)
____ Super-Heavyweight– (Over 225.25)

Teen Bodybuilding (Male 16–19 yrs old)
*Driver’s license will be required during check-in.
_____Teen (One class)

Men’s Novice Bodybuilding
*Novice– is anyone who has not won a trophy, or an overall title
_____Light (Up to & Inc.165.25 lbs)
_____Middle (Over 165.25 lbs & Inc. 187.25 lbs)
_____Heavy (Over 187.25 lbs)

Men’s Masters Bodybuilding
*Driver’s license will be required during check-in.
_____35-39 (One Class)
_____40-49 (One Class)
_____50-59 (One Class)
_____60 & Over (One Class)

Men’s Wheelchair Bodybuilding
_____One Class

Men’s BB Uniform Class
*(Military, Police, Fire, or EMT)

_____One class

Men’s Physique Uniform Class
*(Military, Police, Fire, or EMT)

_____ One Class

Women’s Figure Uniform Class
*(Military, Police, Fire, or EMT)
_____One class

Women’s Bikini Uniform Class
*(Military, Police, Fire, or EMT)
_____ One Class

Men’s Classic Physique A (up to & 5’7″)
___A1 (up to & including 5’4-Up to & Including 155 lbs.)
___A2 (over 5’4 up to & including 5’5-Up to & Including 160 lbs.)
___A3 (over 5’5 up to & including 5’6-Up to & Including 165 lbs.)
___A4 (over 5’6 up to & including 5’7-Up to & Including 170 lbs.)

Men’s Classic Physique B (Over 5’7, Up to & 5’10”)
___B1 (over 5’7 up to & including 5’8-Up to & Including 177 lbs.)
___B2 (over 5’8 up to & including 5’9-Up to & Including 185 lbs.)
___B3 (over 5’9 up to & including 5’10-Up to & Including 192 lbs.)

Men’s Classic Physique C (Over 5’10”)
___C1 (over 5’10 up to & including 5’11-Up to & Including 200 lbs.)
___C2 (over 5’11 up to & including 6’0-Up to & Including 207 lbs.)
___C3 (over 6’0 up to & including 6’1-Up to & Including 215 lbs.)
___C4 (over 6’1 up to & including 6’2-Up to & Including 225 lbs.)
___C5 (over 6’2 up to & including 6’3-Up to & Including 232 lbs.)
___C6 (over 6’3 up to & including 6’4-Up to & Including 240 lbs.)
___C7 (over 6’4 up to & including 6’5-Up to & Including 247 lbs.)
___C8 (over 6’5 up to & including 6’6-Up to & Including 255 lbs.)
___C9 (over 6’6 up to & including 6’7-Up to & Including 262 lbs.)
___C10 (over 6’7-Up to & including 270 lbs.)

Women’s Physique
____Open (One Class)

Men’s Physique
____ Novice A (Up to & Inc. 5’7″)
____ Novice B (Over 5’7″)
____ Teen (One Class) (16 to 19 yrs old)
____ Open A (Up to & Inc. 5’7″)
____ Open B (Over 5’7 & Inc. 5’10″)
____ Open C (Over 5’10″)
____ Masters 35–39 (One Class)
____ Masters 40–49 (One Class)
____ Masters 50+ (One Class)

Women’s Figure
____Novice (One Class)
____Teen (One Class) (16 to 19 yrs old)
____Open A (Up to Inc. 5’4″)
____Open B (Over 5’4″ & Inc. 5’6″)
____Open C (Over 5’6″)
____ Masters 35–39 (One Class)
____ Masters 40–49 (One Class)
____ Masters 50+ (One Class)

Women’s Bikini
____Novice (One Class)
____Teen (One class) (16–19 yrs old)
____Open A (Up to Inc. 5’4″)
____Open B (Over 5’4″ & Inc. 5’6″)
____Open C (Over 5’6″)
____ Masters 35–44 (One Class)
____ Masters 45+ (One Class)

Women’s Fitness
_____One class

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